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Living Room Custom Cabinetry For All Your Needs

Your living and family room is an extension of you, your family, and all your interests. Whether you’re an avid reader, home theatre buff or collector of artifacts, Wooden Specialties can design custom cabinetry to fit all your living room or family room needs that blend into your existing décor or create a brand new one.

Wood Specialties can design a living or family room with sophistication as well as functionality by surrounding a fireplace with beautiful custom cabinetry, creating a reading or study nook with shelving or a bookcase, or by adding an entertainment center to house all your media equipment.

With today’s large screens TVs, custom-built media centers can be built to hide or accentuate your devices. Custom cabinetry can be designed around any size in a variety of styles and wood finishes to suit the design of your living space. Custom cabinet doors can provide a tasteful decorative element on entertainment cabinets, conceal technology, cables, and wires for a clean overall look.

Wooden Specialties works with you to create custom cabinetry for your living room that is wisely planned for how you live, how you use the space as well as your storage needs. We specialize in thoughtfully designed built-ins and cabinetry that turns simple rooms into stunning, organized, and multitasking spaces. 

Our custom cabinetry is made to the highest standards of craftsmanship and handcrafted in our Acadiana workshop.