Wooden Specialties
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About Us 30+ Years Experience

Custom Cabinet Makers

Wooden Specialties was founded in 1988, over 30 years ago, by aspiring cabinet maker Bryan Fontenot. When he was starting out, he would hand draw each cabinet project room by room on pieces of loose-leaf paper, in order to capture the exact design the customer wanted for their home. Three decades later we still carry that attention to detail and customer focus using the best in cabinet making technology and the highest quality materials and craftmanship. These principles have given Wooden Specialties the reputation of being one of south Louisiana’s premier cabinet builders.

Here at Wooden Specialties we believe that walls may make it a house, but the cabinets make it a home. We are proud of our cabinets that adorn hundreds of homes all over Louisiana. From kitchens, master closets, master bathrooms and any other room you can imagine our distinct style and workmanship will speak for itself.

Our entire staff is dedicated to quality and helping you on your next special project.

Thank you,
Bryan K. Fontenot